A Little Bit About ME

For those that don’t know me, I’ll start off with a bit of an introduction. My desire to stay politically informed largely stems from my family and where I grew up. Both parents have always been heavily interested in current events/politics and they weren’t shy to express their views, especially when the family was grouped around the television watching the news. If you’re curious, the “ranting” aspect of my personality stems from my father, whereas my skeptical nature likely originates from my mother.

In 1995, I moved with my family from California to Dubai at age 6 and remained there until the age of 18. My first moments of political awareness stemmed from the Bush presidency years when the US decided to invade Afghanistan in 2001. There was never any substantial threat to Dubai, but this time period expectedly changed the political and social ambience of the region. I had an American passport for years, but quickly picked up a Canadian passport shortly after this ambience shift occurred. Traveling the region with a Canadian passport just seemed less-stressful given the tension between the US and many Middle Eastern countries. Yes, I’m half-American/half-Canadian – and therefore I do my best to keep apprised on political events in both countries. Considering that I don’t really have a traditional sense of a “hometown” and friends have been scattered all of the world, I tend to follow current events and politics all over the place.

Personally, I started heavily reading on a daily basis shortly after entering graduate school (2011). I started doing a Master’s Degree in a molecular neuroscience/genetics lab where it was myself, one other graduate student (shout out: Lian Zara!) and our professor (Dr. Bendena!). As labs go, it was a small group and the graduate students were expected to jump-start their own projects. We didn’t have senior lab members or specialized support staff, so it was up to us to get things going. At the beginning, this translated to A LOT of reading to design our projects and investigate where to take them. This is where I first developed the habit of seeking out articles to read. Although my reading content was scientific in nature for the research of the degree, I would continue the habit of reading during off-work hours. It was a big year for news: the Egyptian revolution (“Arab Spring”), a tsunami in Japan affecting their nuclear reactors, and the killing of Osama bin Laden. Now that the PhD has been finished up, I don’t think I’m ever going to give up research, reading, or analysis. I’m not aiming to be a professional scientist and have wondered how I could translate my passion to productivity. I’ve had a few friends reach out and tell me I should just get a blog going since I’ve already been posting so many daily articles on current events. And here we are. Blog started.

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