The Beginnings of Rambles of a Campbell

After years of social media posting articles about politics, current events, science, and anything else that piques my interest, I figured it was finally time to start an actual blog! If you’ve ever gotten into a political conversation with me, you know that I can ramble on for hours until I notice you falling asleep or pulling your hair out. With that in mind, I came up with “Rambles of a Campbell”. If it doesn’t rhyme, what’s even the point, right?

Generally, my social media posts have been quick and to the point, but many of my blog posts will have a bit more depth and context to them. I also plan on posting shorter articles so that the blog will have a blend of quick-to-read posts and longer, nuanced pieces. If you don’t have much time but want a quick distraction, the shorter stuff will suffice. However, if you’re looking to read up a bit more, that will be available too! Currently, I’m going to label articles as “Short and Sweet” or “A Heavy Dose of Ranting” so that you can pick out the shorter and longer pieces before even opening the page. Of course, when it comes to my personality, the short and sweet articles are likely going to have some rants in there too. I’m aiming to post at least one “A Heavy Dose of Ranting” and two “Short and Sweet” articles per day. I’m just getting started up so I can’t guarantee the numbers at this point.

If you’ve got feedback for me in regards to content selection, website design, article length, post frequency, or anything else you can think of shoot me an email at I love feedback in any shape or form so don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m new to website design and the page layout/design will likely co-evolve with my skills. If you’ve got criticism, compliments, or just general comments, I love to learn from other people. Don’t be afraid to be blunt! At the end of the day, I’m creating the content for other people so I want to optimize what I’m doing based on the audience.

– Jason Campbell

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